XSLT version 0.2

Converts Notelist to timewise MusicXML. Pure XSLT 2.0. Requires something like Saxon 8 to process translations

v. 0.3 July 11, 2007 supports MusicXML 2.0

See NightXML for simple usage.

Downloads Usage

with Saxon 8+:
`java -jar saxon8.jar -it main nl2xml.xsl > music.xml`

C Version 0.1

currently unmaintained, but produces valid MusicXML translations and currently has significant performance (much faster) over the XSL version

Converts Nightingale Notelist files into MusicXML (timewise) files.

Simply reads Notelist from stdin and writes MusicXML to stdout.

Downloads Examples

Building (Tested on Linux x86, Linux PPC, Windows/Cygwin)
something like:
gcc -o nl2xml nl*.c

Should also be easily imported into and built in the development environment of your choice.

./nl2xml > musicxmlfile.xml

Geoff Chirgwin

Based on an example Notelist parsing program (that ships with Nightingale) by John Gibson, Donald Byrd, and Tim Crawford.